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Mark Weisbrot: Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without Change
(PDF link; Center for Economic and Policy Research)
Patrick Cockburn: Not Even a Bleat, Mrs. Clinton? Anti-Shia Pogroms Sweep Bahrain (Counterpunch)
Gideon Levy: Obama demolished Palestinian chances for statehood (Ha’aretz)
Yanis Varoufakis: On the Political Economics of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Political Death (MRzine)
Mike Whitney: Why They Hated Dominique. Bankers Cheer as IMF Head Faces Sexual Assault Charges (Counterpunch)
And rejecting conspiracy theories on Strauss-Kahn:
Alexander Cockburn: Was DSK Stitched Up? (Counterpunch)
Ken Ferguson: The Tartan Tsunami. Is Britain Heading for a Break-Up After the Latest Scottish Elections? (Counterpunch)
Mark Mazzetti, Emily B. Hager: Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder (New York Times)

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