Libya | Syria | Canada | Fukushima

Making Sense of Libya (PDF; International Crisis Group)
Patrick Cockburn: Amnesty Questions Claim That Gaddafi Ordered Rape as Weapon of War (Counterpunch)
Remember—John Sexton: International Colonial Court (
Jonathan Schell: Attacking Libya—and the dictionary (Asia Times)
Murray Dobbin: Libya: The latest product in Canada’s ugly war assembly line (Rabble)
The true face of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya (Proletarian)

Defend Syria against imperialist aggression (Proletarian)

Peter Wallsten: Activists cry foul over FBI probe (Washington Post)
Shannon Thunderbird: A holocaust for First Nations (Star)

Dahr Jamail: Fukushima: It’s much worse than you think (Aljazeera)

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