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Serene Assir: Haytham al-Manna: The Politics Behind the Pact with Ghalioun (al-Akhbar)
Wilhelm Langthaler: Syrien, die Türkei und die arabische Revolte / Syria, Turkey and the Arab revolt (Anti-Imperialist Camp)

Stephen Kinzer: Iran’s First Great Satan Was England (New York Times)
John Grant: The New Big Show: Iran and Historical Forgetting (CounterPunch)

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Stephen Cohen: Election Fraud Galvanizes Russian Opposition, Communist Party 20 Years After Soviet Union’s Collapse (Democracy Now)

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzales, Bruce Cumings: North Korea’s New Leader Kim Jong-un Inherits Father’s Nuclear Legacy & Country’s Uncertain Future (Democracy Now)

Jesse L. Jackson: The Miserable Choices in Iowa: Making Reagan Look Like a Liberal (CounterPunch)

Jonathan Cook: Israel’s New House Rules: Deepening Authoritarianism (al-Akhbar)

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