Mali | Egypt | Assange-Nasrallah | Iran | Britain

Firoze Manji, Amy Goodman: Tuareg Rebels in Mali Declare Independence: Part of an African Awakening for Self-Determination? (Democracy Now)
Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality: U.S. Hands Off Mali! (MRzine)

Harriet Sherwood: Egypt cancels Israeli gas contract (Guardian)
Avi Issacharoff, Amos Harel: Egypt gas chief: Government not involved in decision to cut off supply to Israel / ראש הרשות המצרית לגז ודלק: הממשלה לא ידעה על ביטול ההסכם עם ישראל (Haaretz)

Julian Assange: Nasrallah (RT)

Seymour M. Hersh: Our Men in Iran? (New Yorker)

National Archives (Guardian)

Ian Cobain, Owen Bowcott, Richard Norton-Taylor: Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes Review finds thousands of papers detailing shameful acts were culled, while others were kept secret illegally | Owen Bowcott: Colonial Office files detail ‘eliminations’ to choke Malayan insurgency Documents transferred to National Archives lay bare how communist groups were targeted in long jungle war | Richard Norton-Taylor: Diego Garcia archives shed light on fate of deported Chagos islanders Foreign Office told its officials in 1970 to describe islanders as ‘contract labourers’ engaged to work on coconut plantations | Alan Travis: Thatcher government toyed with evacuating Liverpool after 1981 riots National Archives files reveal ministerial warning to PM not to spend money on deprived city, saying decline was largely self-inflicted | Richard Norton-Taylor: MI5 spied on Charlie Chaplin after FBI asked for help to banish him from US British agency concluded that actor – described by US counterparts as ‘parlour Bolshevik’ – was no security risk

One thought on “Mali | Egypt | Assange-Nasrallah | Iran | Britain

  1. Glenn Greenwald: Attacks on RT and Assange reveal much about the critics (Salon)

    Those who pretend to engage in adversarial journalism will invariably hate those who actually do it … There is apparently a rule that says it’s perfectly OK for a journalist to work for a media outlet owned and controlled by a weapons manufacturer (GE/NBC/MSNBC), or by the U.S. and British governments (BBC/Stars & Stripes/Voice of America), or by Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (Wall St. Journal/Fox News), or by a banking corporation with long-standing ties to right-wing governments (Politico), or by for-profit corporations whose profits depend upon staying in the good graces of the U.S. government (Kaplan/The Washington Post), or by loyalists to one of the two major political parties (National Review/TPM/countless others), but it’s an intrinsic violation of journalistic integrity to work for a media outlet owned by the Russian government. Where did that rule come from?
    Also, while it’s certainly true that the coverage of RT is at times overly deferential to the Russian government, that media outlet never mindlessly disseminated government propaganda to help to start a falsehood-fueled devastating war, the way that [the New York Times] (along with most leading American media outlets) did. When it comes to destruction brought about by uncritical media fealty to government propaganda, RT — as the Russia expert Mark Adomanis documented when American media figures began attacking RT – is far behind virtually all of the corporate employers of its American media critics.

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