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Phillip Adams, John Pilger: Extradition of Julian Assange (ABC)
Phillip Adams, Paul Preston: The Spanish Holocaust (ABC)

Syed Ali Wasef: ‘NATO behind Houla massacre’ (PressTV)

Mick Brooks: ‘Payback time’: Lagarde’s Myths (

Greece is a country divided, like Britain, the USA and France, along class lines. When asked about the cuts in public services that the IMF insists on imposing, [Lagarde] blames the Greek people, declaring repeatedly, “They should also help themselves, by all paying their tax.” Is that it? Is the problem just that all Greeks are tax dodgers?
Workers employed in a public or private sector workplace in Greece pay income tax automatically, just like British, American or French workers. They have no choice. It is deducted at source. When they buy goods in a shop, they pay the Value Added Tax (VAT). How can they not pay?
Greek millionaires do not pay tax. Instead they employ expensive accountants to dodge their obligations. This is very expensive for the Greek state. Because the rich don’t pay their share it also means that the resulting restricted budget spending imposes hardships upon poor Greeks, who are at the sharp end of cuts in public services.
This tax dodging by the rich is not a Greek characteristic. It is a characteristic of the rich and of big business.

Spain must avoid an Irish turn (Financial Times)

Martin Lukacs: Quebec’s ‘truncheon law’ rebounds as student strike spreads (Guardian)

Any group of 50 or more protesters must submit plans to police eight hours ahead of time; they can be denied the right to proceed. Picket lines at universities and colleges are forbidden, and illegal protests are punishable by fines from $5,000 to $125,000 for individuals and unions – as well as by the seizure of union dues and the dissolution of their associations.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Anna Kruzynski, Amy Goodman, Aaron Maté: Maple Spring: Nearly 1,000 Arrested as Mass Quebec Student Strike Passes 100th Day (Democracy Now)

Gavan McCormack: North Korea’s 100th – Celebrations Gone Awry (Japan Focus)
Gavan McCormack: North Korea’s 100th – To Celebrate or To Surrender? (Japan Focus) / 北朝鮮衛星発射にあたり、ガバン・マコーマック論考-朝鮮半島の問題を歴史的にとらえる必要性 (Peace Philosophy Center)
Rüdiger Frank: North Korea after Kim Jong Il: The Kim Jong Un era and its challenges (Japan Focus)

David Sheen: Proto-Pogrom Against Africans in Israel (
Gideon Levy: Israel is the most naive and racist country in the West / סכנה יותר גדולה מהמהגרים (Haaretz)

Israel is both the most racist and most naive country in the West. Racist, because in no other country can politicians make remarks about migrants as they do here and still remain in office another day; naive, because only now has Israel discovered the problem that has been facing the “first world” for years.
ישראל היא המדינה הגזענית והתמימה ביותר במערב. גזענית כי בשום מדינה אחרת פוליטיקאים אינם יכולים להתבטא כך על מהגרים ולהמשיך עוד יום אחד בתפקידם; תמימה כי רק עכשיו היא מגלה את הבעיה העומדת זה שנים לפתחו של העולם הראשון.

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