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David Hearst, Abdel-Rahman Hussein: Egypt’s supreme court dissolves parliament and outrages Islamists (Guardian)

Two days before the second round of presidential elections, Egypt’s highest court on Thursday dissolved the Islamist-dominated parliament and ruled that the army-backed candidate could stay in the race, in what was widely seen as a double blow for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Peter Lee: Russia and China Mull Syria … and Saudi Arabia (Asia Times)
AP: US backtracks on claims Russia is arming Syrian regime (Guardian)
Radwan Mortada: Syria Alternatives: Man Cannot Live by Guns Alone / No Homegrown Solutions (al-Akhbar)
Monika Bollinger: Alawiten in Asads Geiselhaft (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
Martin Janssen: De verschrikkingen van Houla (De redactie)

Chen Aizhu: Sinopec turns down cut-price Iran crude (Reuters)

Sinopec has turned down offers of bargain Iranian crude and will cut imports by up to a fifth this year, insisting ties with the United States were more important than cut-price oil as the West squeezes Tehran over its nuclear program.

Amy Goodman: Norman Finkelstein: Waning Jewish American Support for Israel Boosts Chances for Middle East Peace / Norman Finkelstein on the Role of BDS & Why Obama Doesn’t Believe His Own Words on Israel-Palestine / Norman Finkelstein on What Gandhi Says About Nonviolence, Resistance and Courage (Democracy Now)
Reuters: NGOs, UN agencies call on Israel to lift Gaza blockade (Haaretz)

“For over five years in Gaza, more than 1.6 million people have been under blockade in violation of international law. More than half of these people are children. We the undersigned say with one voice: ‘end the blockade now,'” the petition said. Amongst the signatories were Amnesty International, Save the Children, the World Health Organization, Oxfam, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and five other UN bodies.

Amira Hass: The warnings we should be hearing / אזהרה בעיניים לא מזרחניות (Haaretz)

Summer is here, and as usual, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians will survive it without running water. We control the water sources and decide that Jews will have unlimited water and the Palestinians will make do with what is left over. In Gaza, this “leftover” water is not fit for drink by either man or beast. About two million people live in the shadow of land that was stolen for colonies, in the shadow of attacks on residents, farmers and shepherds, of arson, shootings and intimidation.
הקיץ פה, ואתו מאות אלפי הפלסטינים שישרדו אותו בלא מים זורמים. אנחנו שולטים במקורות המים ומחליטים שליהודים יהיו מים בלא הגבלה ושהפלסטינים יסתדרו עם השאר. בעזה “השאר” הזה אף לא ראוי לשתייה. כשני מיליוני בני אדם חיים בצל האדמה שנגזלה למען המושבות (קולוניות), בצל התנכלויות תושביהן, הצתות, ירי, הפחדות, פגיעות פיסיות בחקלאים וברועים.

Michael Sfard: Occupation double-speak / הכיבוש, מחדש השפה העברית (Haaretz)

עינויים הם בסך הכל “לחץ פיסי מתון”, ענישה קולקטיבית היא “מינוף אזרחי”, מצור הוא בכלל “כתר”. כך ביצענו סיכול ממוקד לשפה העברית ואילצנו אותה לשרת את הכיבוש

Gideon Levy: The affable face of evil / פני הרוע הישראלי (Haaretz)
Uri Avnery: Anti-African Hysteria Sweeps Israel (CounterPunch)

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