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David Smith: South Africa mine massacre photos prompt claims of official cover-up (Guardian)

Police in South Africa have been accused of planting weapons on the bodies of dead miners as part of an official cover-up of the Marikana massacre, in August.
Damning photographic evidence was presented to an independent commission of inquiry examining the deaths of 46 people during nearly six weeks of violent strikes at the Lonmin-owned mine.

Karin Leukefeld: Gefangene ermordet (junge Welt) / Haltet den Dieb. Massaker in Syrien (junge Welt)

Mai Shams El-Din: New Salafi party has curious policy mix (Egypt Independent)

Gideon Levy: רוב הציבור היהודי תומך באפרטהייד (Haaretz) / Survey: Most Israeli Jews would support apartheid regime in Israel (Israeli Occupation Archive) / Survey: Most Israeli Jews would support apartheid regime in Israel (Haaretz)

Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the establishment of an apartheid regime in Israel if it formallhy annexes the West Bank. A majority also explicitly favors discrimination against the state’s Arab citizens, a survey shows.

Gideon Levy: נא להכיר: הישראלים (Haaretz) / Apartheid without shame or guilt (Israeli Occupation Archive) / Apartheid without shame or guilt (Haaretz)
Moshé Machover: On Israeli Apartheid (Israeli Occupation Archive)

In my opinion the whole semantic discussion of Israeli “apartheid” skirts around the fundamental question: the underlying political economy of Zionist colonization. …
Zionist colonization and the Israeli settler state differ in a fundamental respect from apartheid in its original, South-African sense. South-African colonization and its settler state were based on exploiting the labour power of the indigenous people. These people were harshly oppressed and severely discriminated; but their presence was vital for the political economy of the settler state. They were an asset. Zionist colonization, in contrast, is more like the colonization of North America and Australia: based not on keeping the natives as a source of exploitable labour power but on excluding them by various forms of ethnic cleansing. The natives are not a source of surplus for the settlers; instead, they themselves are surplus to requirements.
This is much worse for the indigenous people than South-African apartheid, because it is much more difficult to undo.

John Gittings: Han Suyin obituary (Guardian)
Ananth Krishnan: Han Suyin: writer, goodwill ambassador (The Hindu)
Desiree Tresa Gasper: Splendid memories of Dr Han (The Star)
Margalit Fox: Han Suyin Dies; Wrote Sweeping Fiction (New York Times)
Mei Jia: Writer Han Suyin dies at 95 in Lausanne (China Daily)
Alison Lake: Han Suyin, Chinese-born author of ‘A Many-Splendoured Thing,’ dies at 95 (Washington Post)
Jason Chow: Han Suyin, Author of ‘A Many-Splendored Thing,’ Dies at 95 (Wall Street Journal)
And here’s a much more hostile article from the same outlet:
Hugo Restall: A Cheerleader for Mao’s Cultural Revolution (Wall Street Journal)
François Bougon: Han Suyin, écrivain et avocate fidèle du régime maoïste (Le Monde)

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