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Wael Eskandar: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Militias in Action: A Firsthand Account (Jadaliyya)
Wilhelm Langthaler: Mursi: pharao or revolutionary? (Anti-Imperialist Camp)

Ernesto Cardenal, Samir Amin, etc.: Yes to Democracy, No to Foreign Intervention! ‍‍(MRzine)
Leo Gabriel, Evangelos Pissias, Wilhelm Langthaler, Fernando Romero-Forsthuber: The war in Syria or The threads of a blood drained carpet (LabourNet Austria)

Yinon Cohen, Neve Gordon: Why Abbas’s Bid to the United Nations General Assembly Was Too Little, Too Late (CounterPunch)
Dennis Bernstein: An Interview With Professor Francis Boyle (CounterPunch)

Why the US Threatened to Cut Off Aid to the Palestinians if They Pursued and Were Granted Observer Status at the UN

Chaim Levinson: אז איפה זה בכלל E-1? / What is area E-1, anyway? (Haaretz, via DuckDuckGo and Google)
Leila Farsakh: Palestine refuses to disappear (Monde diplomatique)
Yara Sa’di: Israel’s repression of Palestinian students reached new level during Gaza attack (Electronic Intifada)
Ali Abunimah: Apartheid Lines: Video shows Israeli public bus driver refusing to let Palestinians ride (Electronic Intifada)

Palestinian laborers from the West Bank are members of an occupied population with virtually no rights or protection. They are exploited to do low-paid work in Israel’s apartheid economy, and then subjected to Jim Crow-like discrimination. Unlike Rosa Parks, they are not even given the back of the bus. They can’t ride the bus at all.

Editorial: ייבוש לצורכי נישול / Drying out the Palestinians (Haaretz)

Since the beginning of the year, Israel has destroyed 35 rainwater cisterns used by Palestinian communities, 20 of them in the area of Hebron and the southern Hebron Hills. … Leaving Palestinian communities disconnected from infrastructure, declaring large areas as firing zones and destroying cisterns are part of an intentional policy since the early 1970s. Its goal is to leave as few Palestinians as possible in the majority of the West Bank (today’s Area C, under Israeli civil and military control), to expedite Jewish settlement and thus make it easier to annex these areas to Israel.

Or Kashti: בחירות הם רוצים / In Israel, democracy is delayed for Bedouin (Haaretz, via DuckDuckGo and Google)
Harriet Sherwood: Israeli separation wall threatens world heritage site of Battir’s ancient terraces (Guardian)

Israeli environmentalists and even the state parks authority are backing Palestinian villagers’ attempts to preserve landscape

Amira Hass: ‘You have to demolish them while they’re small’ (Haaretz, via DuckDuckGo and Google)

So Supreme Court President Asher Grunis said shortly before a partially built mosque in the West Bank was pulled down.

William Saletan: Get Real, Israel (Slate)

Renaud Egreteau: Burma’s civil wars (Mondi diplomatique)

Eric Bailey: An Interview With Noam Chomsky on Obama’s Human Rights Record (CounterPunch)
Mark Graham: USAID in Afghanistan (CounterPunch)

Whatever beneficence USAID has doled out over the years has come with a heavy price for Afghans and a heavy price tag for Americans. In fact, USAID is not an aid organization by any common understanding of the term, if by aid we mean helping people who are suffering out of the kindness of our hearts. Instead, USAID functions primarily as an instrument of counterinsurgency and as a pipeline by which public money moves into private hands.

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