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Roy Agyemang: Why a Robert Mugabe victory would be good for Zimbabwe (Guardian)

Kris sent this link:
Ingo Schmidt: German Politicians Take Aim at the Euro (The Bullet / Socialist Project) / Hauptwiderspruch Euro? (Sozialistische Zeitung)

Andre Vltchek: North Korea Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Victory (CounterPunch)
Melissa Hanham: North Korea’s Cuban Missile Crisis (38 North)

Yves Smith: Obama Starting to Lose It Over Snowden (naked capitalism)
Stephen Lendman: Temper Tantrum Politics (CounterPunch)
Pepe Escobar: Our man in Moscow (Asia Times)

Edward Snowden, under his new legal status in Russia, simply cannot be handed over to Bradley Manning’s lynch mob. Legally, Washington is now as powerless as a tribal Pashtun girl facing an incoming Hellfire missile.

Paul Craig Roberts: Provoking Russia (CounterPunch)
Melvyn A. Goodman: America’s Strange “Russian Problem” (CounterPunch)

Barry Grey: Obama’s press conference: The smiling face of a police state (WSWS)
Jerry Goldberg: Detroit bankruptcy: war on pensions! (Workers World)
Eric London, Barry Grey: Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr: Detroit workers were “dumb, lazy, happy and rich” / Konkursverwalter Kevyn Orr: Die Arbeiter von Detroit waren „dumm, faul, glücklich und reich“ (WSWS)

Roy Eidelson, Stephen Soldz: APA Fiddles While Psychology Burns. Hawai’ian Mind Games (CounterPunch)

As has been reported many times over the past decade, psychologists designed, implemented, supervised, researched, and provided ethical cover for abuses committed by the CIA and U.S. military. As a result, the APA has faced repeated calls to take action to prevent future abuses by members of the profession. …
The American Psychological Association had last held its annual meeting in Hawaii back in 2004. That’s the same year inspectors from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and discovered a regime of psychological abuse “tantamount to torture.” That program was inspired by the recommendations of two psychologists who, just two months later, were advertising their CIA credentials as exhibitors at the APA convention in Honolulu. And that same weekend, nine years ago, an APA presidential citation was awarded to the former chief psychologist of that same Guantanamo facility, “for his exemplary balance of professional psychology and military leadership.”

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