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Esam al-Amin: The Future Direction of Egypt’s Revolution (CounterPunch)
Jack Shenker: Egypt’s generals act to negate outcome of presidential poll (Guardian)
AFP, Reuters: Military power overshadows Egypt vote (al-Akhbar)
Dina Ezzat: A deal could be reached to end current confrontation: SCAF, Brotherhood sources (al-Ahram)

Sources close to both the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed the two sides were heavily engaged in high-level talks that could produce “a political deal”, which is likely to include announcing the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi Egypt’s president elect.

Abdel-Rahman Hussein: Egypt’s whirlwind week of political manoeuvrings (Guardian)

Muslim Brotherhood may already know it has lost the presidency, observers say

Yitzhak Laor, Gili Kohen: Israel deploys tanks to Egyptian border, in violation of peace treaty / טנקים ישראלים הוקפצו לזירת הפיגוע בניגוד להסכמי השלום (Haaretz)
Hossam El-Hamalawy: The Troubled Revolutionary Path in Egypt: a Return to Basics (Jadaliyya)
Alex Lantier: Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists’ reaction to army coup: Complacency and tacit support (WSWS)

Chris Marsden: BBC world news editor: Houla massacre coverage based on opposition propaganda / Berichte über Hula-Massaker basieren auf Propaganda der Opposition (WSWS)
Syria rebels accused of massacring 25 people in village (BBC)
Eric Schmitt: C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition (New York Times)

A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers. … The Obama administration has said it is not providing arms to the rebels, but it has also acknowledged that Syria’s neighbors would do so.

Sami Ramadani, Samuel Grove: Between Imperialism and Repression (New Left Project)

Let me make it crystal clear: it is vital for the left to always oppose both imperialism and regimes that repress the masses. This is a matter of principle that should never be abandoned. Movements that abandoned one or other of these inseparable objectives have committed serious and sometimes fatal errors. The Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) is a good example in this context. Within three decades, it shrunk from being a formidable party of the working class, enjoying the support of the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people in 1958-9, to a pathetic grouping that probably received funds from Saudi Arabia in 1991 in return for siding with US-led 1991 Gulf war, and protection-at-a-price from Barzani’s KDP from 1978-9 onwards. In practice, it betrayed brave chapters of struggle against imperialism and domestic reaction with a chapter of shame by serving the US-led occupation authority in 2003.

Carlos Martinez: Interview with Ammar Waqqaf Regarding the Crisis in Syria (MRzine)
Martin Chulov, Ewen MacAskill: Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army (Guardian)

Command centre in Turkey organising weapon supply to opposition

Turkish warplane downed by Syria ‘may have crossed border’ (BBC)
Jay Newton-Small: Hillary’s Little Startup: How the U.S. Is Using Technology to Aid Syria’s Rebels (Time)

Αποτελέσματα εκλογών :«Εύθραυστη» νίκη της άρχουσας τάξης ενώ ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ γιγαντώνεται! – Μέρος Α’ | Μέρος Β’ (Μαρξιστική Φωνή) / Griechenland: Eine erste Einschätzung der Wahlen vom 17. Juni (Der Funke)
Harvey B. Feigenbaum: The German ideology (Monde diplomatique)
Michael Roberts: Greece: the exit poll? (
Chris Marsden: SYRIZA’s Tsipras pledges to save Greek and European capitalism (WSWS)

Irene León: The World Seen from the South: Interview with Samir Amin (MRzine)

Reuters: Israeli air strikes kill Palestinian militant and wound six (Guardian)
Frank Barat, Jeff Halper: We’ve gone way beyond Apartheid (al-Jazeera)

Area C is 60 per cent of the West Bank. Now, the European council general in Jerusalem and Ramallah, a couple of months ago sent a report to the EU, saying that Israel has forcibly expelled the Palestinians from Area C. … Israel is now from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, the Palestinians have been confined in Areas A and B or in small enclaves in East Jerusalem, and that’s it. Now the wrinkle is that I think they will do this with the agreement of the Palestinian Authority because Fayyad is a neoliberal. Fayyad is saying to Israel, we don’t need territory. If you give us economic space, to do business, and our business class can do okay and we can trickle down to our working classes, it’s good enough. So we don’t need Area C.

Seira Yun: Palestinians Must Return to Armed Resistance (al-Akhbar)
Al-Sarsak is still on hunger strike (Ma’an)

Mahmoud al-Sarsak is on his 86th day of hunger strike … Al-Sarsak, a professional soccer player on Palestine’s national team, has been detained without charge or trial since July 2009.

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours: 78% of Palestinians in Jerusalem live below poverty line (Electronic Intifada)
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours: Sudanese face expulsion; minister declares Israel “belongs to white man” (Electronic Intifada)
Yitzhak Laor: Israeli racism is embedded in daily politics of every state body / כשהגזענות היא חלק מהפוליטיקה (Haaretz)

טוב יעשו המזועזעים מהגירוש הברברי של האפריקאים, אם יעיינו לשעה אחת בסטטיסטיקות על חיי המיעוט הערבי בישראל ויפנו לפוליטיקה, לא רק לצדקה.
It would behoove those who are shocked by the barbaric expulsion of the Africans to take even one hour to examine the statistics about the lives of the Arab minority in Israel.

Revital Hovel: Sami Michael: Israel can claim the title of the most racist state in the developed world / סמי מיכאל: ישראל – המדינה הגזענית ביותר בעולם המפותח (Haaretz)

Israeli culture is no less toxic than fanatic Islam, and the country’s discriminatory attitude toward Mizrahi Jews and Arabs qualifies it for the title of “most racist state,” prominent Israeli author Sami Michael said on Monday.
לא מעט מגנים את הצהרותיו המזעזעות של שר החוץ אביגדור ליברמן, אבל צודק ליברמן בטענתו כי הוא מבטא בקול רם את שאחרים חושבים. בל נשלה את עצמנו, התרבות בישראל מורעלת זה כבר לא פחות מהזרמים הקיצוניים באיסלאם. מגן הילדים ועד זקנה אנו מזינים את בנינו במטען של שנאה, חשדנות ותיעוב כלפי הזר והשונה ובפרט כלפי הערבים.

Tom Segev: Back to school: Ben-Gurion for beginners / מה שגדעון סער לא יודע (Haaretz)

On more than one occasion, Israel’s first prime minister said that if he were Arab, he too would fight the Zionists.
לא מיד, אך במרוצת השנים אף השתדל בן-גוריון לשים את עצמו בנעלי הערבים וקבע: “לא כל כך מהר שוכח עם שלוקחים ממנו את ארצו”. לא אחת אמר שאילו היה ערבי היה גם הוא לוחם בציונים. הנה בן-גוריון כמצדיק הפטריוטיזם הערבי.

Akiva Eldar: The more Germans know about the Mideast, the more they root for the Palestinians / אור לאנטישמים (Haaretz)

A new study finds that most Germans who oppose Israel’s Palestinian policies are not anti-Semitic, but pro-peace and human rights.
קמפף, הנמנה עם צמרת הפסיכולוגים הפוליטיים בעולם, מצא, שהמבקרים הלא-אנטישמים של ישראל מכירים טוב יותר את הסכסוך וחשים אליו קירבה רגשית רבה יותר מאשר אלה הלוקים באנטישמיות.

Marjorie Cohn: Hope Dies at Guantanamo (CounterPunch)

Of the 800 men and boys held at Guantanamo since 2002, 169 remain. Of those prisoners, 87 have had their release approved by military review boards established during the Bush administration, and later by the Guantanamo Review Task Force established by President Obama in 2009. Yet they continue to languish in the prison camp.
In her opinion, Judge Brown wrote, “Luckily, this is a shrinking category of cases. The ranks of Guantanamo detainees will not be replenished.” Indeed, Obama has sent only one new prisoner to Guantanamo. His strategy is to assassinate “suspected militants” or people present in “suspicious areas” with drones, obviating the necessity of incarcerating them and dealing with their detention in court.

Saeed Kamali Dehghan: Bahraini boy, 11, charged with helping protesters (Guardian)

Stephen Moss: Arundhati Roy: ‘They are trying to keep me destabilised. Anybody who says anything is in danger’ (Guardian)

The Booker prize-winning novelist on her political activism in India, why she no longer condemns violent resistance – and why it doesn’t matter if she never writes a second novel

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Peter Lee: Is Syria Going Straight to Hell? (CounterPunch)
Marc Botenga: Double Standards Against Change in Bahrain: Interview with Maryam al-Khawaja (MRzine)
Pratyush Chanda: ‘Arab Spring is part of the General Strike of the South’: An Interview with Vijay Prashad (Radical Notes)
Victor Grossman: Some Good News, and Lots of Bad News, from Germany (MRzine)
Ofer Aderet: Lithuania reinstates event to honor Nazi collaborator (Haaretz)
Gili Cohen: Israeli settler shoots at Palestinians while IDF soldiers stand by / מתנחל ירה לעבר פלסטינים, כוח צה”ל שניצב ליד לא התערב (Haaretz)

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Afshin Mehrpouya: Six Ways the Media Has Misreported Syria (CounterPunch)

1. What do the majority of Syrians want?
2. Is the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the militarized insurgency representative of the Syrian opposition?
3. How many casualties and killed by whom?
4. Are the information sources unbiased and credible?
5. What are the interests of countries pushing for regime change and foreign intervention?
6. What are the “democratic credentials of the countries who want to take democracy to Syria?

John sent these links:
Andrew Hammond: Mass pro-democracy protest rocks Bahrain (Reuters)
Reem Khalifa: Bahrain protesters boost pressure with huge rally (Google)

Amy Goodman, : Ceasefire Reached After Israeli Air Strikes Killed 26 Palestinians in Gaza (Democracy Now)
Ali Abunimah: “Mowing the lawn”: On Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza and the lies behind it (Electronic Intifada)
Gideon Levy: The storm over Bamba and apathy concerning Gaza / בין סערת הבמבה לעזה (Haaretz)
Aluf Benn: Netanyahu is preparing Israeli public opinion for a war on Iran / בנימין נתניהו הוציא צו 8 לעצמו ולציבור (Haaretz)
As’ad AbuKhalil: Tolerable Savagery: Israeli Killing of Palestinians (Al-Akhbar)
Max Blumenthal: Israel’s bogus case for bombing Gaza obscures political motives (Al-Akhbar)
AFP: China urges Israel to halt Gaza assault (Al-Akhbar)

Jon Henley: Greece on the breadline: HIV and malaria make a comeback (Guardian)

Mark Weisbrot: America’s subversion of Haiti’s democracy continues (Guardian)

Vijay Prashad: NATO’S Craven Coverup of Its Libyan Bombing (CounterPunch)

Evan Osnos: The Fallout – Seven months later: Japan’s nuclear predicament (New Yorker)

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Mark Weisbrot: Obama’s Latin America Policy: Continuity Without Change
(PDF link; Center for Economic and Policy Research)
Patrick Cockburn: Not Even a Bleat, Mrs. Clinton? Anti-Shia Pogroms Sweep Bahrain (Counterpunch)
Gideon Levy: Obama demolished Palestinian chances for statehood (Ha’aretz)
Yanis Varoufakis: On the Political Economics of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Political Death (MRzine)
Mike Whitney: Why They Hated Dominique. Bankers Cheer as IMF Head Faces Sexual Assault Charges (Counterpunch)
And rejecting conspiracy theories on Strauss-Kahn:
Alexander Cockburn: Was DSK Stitched Up? (Counterpunch)
Ken Ferguson: The Tartan Tsunami. Is Britain Heading for a Break-Up After the Latest Scottish Elections? (Counterpunch)
Mark Mazzetti, Emily B. Hager: Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder (New York Times)