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Samir Amin: Audacity, more audacity (Pambazuka News)

Samir Amin is proposing a way out of the current situation of capitalism in crisis. Nations should socialise the ownership of monopolies, de-financialise the management of the economy and de-globalise international relations.

Naomi Klein: Capitalism vs. the Climate (Nation)

Boris Kagarlitzky: Politics is Now Being Played Out in Public. A Very Peaceful Russian Revolt (CounterPunch)

Ibrahim al-Amin: A Revolution Against Resistance? (al-Akhbar)
Jay Solomon, Nour Malas: Syria Would Cut Iran Military Tie, Opposition Head Says (Wall Street Journal)

Walden Bello: An Unbalanced Relationship. The New German Colossus (CounterPunch)

Ismael Hossein-Zadeh: Keynesian vs. Marxian Explanations: Understanding Unemployment (CounterPunch)

Yang Rui, Colin Mackerras, Einar Tangen: A watchful US in Pacific (CCTV)
Derek Bolton: Australia Remilitarizes (FPIF)

Michael Kaufman: Lesser Evilism, 2012. A Vote for Obama Now is More Evil Than It Was in 2008 (CounterPunch)

Robert Pallitto: The Return of Waterboarding? (FPIF)

Barry Sautman, Yan Hairong: Gilded Outside, Shoddy Within: The Human Rights Watch report on Chinese copper mining in Zambia (Japan Focus)

Chomsky | Australia | Hiroshima | Afghanistan | China and Africa

Rob sent these links to videos of Chomsky’s talk at Peking University:
乔姆斯基教授北大百年讲堂讲演 – intro, main talk, Q&A (Youku)

张传文: 当乔姆斯基遭遇中国 (南方都市报)
Excerpts in English can be found here:
Andy Yee: Noam Chomsky in China (Global Voices)

K. wrote: Oz is a colonial backwater like Canada…I remember when the CIA got rid of Whitlam i believe…Billiton (aka Broken Hill) is the largest mining corp in the world about to take over potashcorp, world’s largest potash producer and the second and third largest producer of nitrogen and phosphate.
Rachel Pannett: Shadow of Ouster Hangs Over Australian Vote (Wall Street Journal)

K. also sent these two links:
Ameen Izzadeen: Hiroshima: the humbug and the hypocrisy (Daily Mirror)
Tim Kennelly: Afghanistan Crisis Deepens: US, Canada and NATO Threaten to Extend War (The Bullet)
K.’s comment: Bob [Rae]’s brother is the main man for the head of the biggest corporation in Canada (Power Corp) which is a front for Rockefeller’s SO. All if not 99.9% of Canadan prime ministers have bin former employees of Power Corp.

Deborah Brautigam: Is China Sending Prisoners to Work Overseas? (China in Africa: The Real Story)
Barry Sautman, Yan Hairong: Stirring up trouble: Claims that China sends convicts to labour in Africa are unfounded (China in Africa: The Real Story)