This section contains articles on issues related to peace, security and justice. Some are written by members of Beijing International Peace Vigil. Others are by people we have invited to speak to us. More will be added later, so please check back.

The Second Superpower, by Joan Hinton
There are two opposing superpowers in the world today: the US on one side, and world public opinion on the other. The first thrives on war. The second demands peace and social justice… We are the emerging new superpower!

Where does North Korea come on the Bush agenda, by Paul White
New Yorker reporter Seymour Hersh, a participant in White House strategy meetings, has offered this assessment of where the US administration stands on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea): “Bush and Cheney want that guy’s (Kim Jong Il’s) head on a platter. Don’t be distracted by all this talk about negotiations. There will be negotiations, but they have a plan, and they are going to get this guy after Iraq. He’s their version of Hitler.”

Moving out from Under the US (Nuclear) Umbrella, by James Reilly
The main reason that the US does not withdraw from the region is finally clear. It is not in interests of protecting the region’s peace and security; it is simply an effort to preserve US hegemony. Whether the massive expenditure is effective in preserving US national interests and the nature of those interests requires a separate inquiry. But we need to begin by recognizing that perhaps it is time for the US to fold up its umbrella and go home. It’s time to give sunshine a chance in Northeast Asia.


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