Proposals for Change

A new Millennium Goal for Peace
All 191 United Nations member states have made pledges, called Millennium Goals, to reach specific targets by 2015 in the areas of poverty, primary education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, the environment and global partnership. However, none of these goals are possible without world peace and cooperation, based on international law and the institutions of the UN. We would like to propose an additional Peace Millennium Goal, which should be Millennium Goal Number 1 because without peace and justice, none of the other goals can be reached.

A draft program for UN Reform
In order to make the UN representative of, and accountable to, the people of the world (rather than to member nation-states, or more accurately, the governments of these member nation states) we propose that another house, a Peoples Assembly, be created, which should have at least equal authority as the current UN General Assembly. The program also proposes financial and political independence for the UN, as well as reform of the Security Council.


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