Draft of our new Program for Peace and UN Reform

Note: As the title says, this is a draft—a beginning, intended first to stimulate debate. But while debate must always continue, at some point action must also start.

1. People’s Assembly for the UN:

In order to make the UN representative of, and accountable to, the people of the world (rather than to member nation-states, or more accurately, the governments of these member nation states) we propose that another house, a Peoples Assembly, be created, which should have at least equal authority as the current UN General Assembly.

The members of the People’s Assembly might be created through:
Indirect election by constituencies / proportional representation (eg. every one million people elect a representative once every few years and about 6000 representatives worldwide elect a further 60 members to the assembly) (Question: will parties be allowed?)
Appointment by accredited NGO’s and INGO’s – another 50-100 members.

2. UN Security Council

The People’s Assembly shall appoint half the members (hold half the votes) of the Security Council. (No one has veto).

3. Financial Independence for the UN:

In order that the UN can be truly independent and not be unduly swayed by the contributions made by (the governments of) member nation-states, the UN should have its own revenues derived from taxes. These might be levied on some / all of the following:

Multinational Corporations (so many are not even paying national taxes!)
Arms industries (should be taxed out of existence);
Luxury consumption (this tax should go to poverty reduction);
Extraction of non-renewable natural resources (which rightly belong to the people of the Earth, rather than the people who happen to live above them, or the government that happens to control the area.)
Pollution (tax rate should be at least sufficient to pay for clean up)

Tax types might be:
Business tax (based on turnover)
Income tax (based on profits)
Luxury tax (based on consumption)
Pollution tax (based on effects of pollution)
Most of the money to be used to preserve peace, as well as promote the Millennium Goals; administrative expenses (UN employee compensation, etc) must not be more than 15%?

4. Political Independence of the UN:

So that the UN can intervene in conflicts, in order to prevent unjust wars, contain aggression, or support just causes and end oppression, the UN should maintain a standing army under the command of the newly constituted UN, where any act of war requires a 2/3 majority vote of the People’s Assembly.

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