Proposing a new UN Millennium Goal for Peace

All 191 United Nations member states have made pledges, called Millennium Goals, to reach specific targets by 2015 in the areas of poverty, primary education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, the environment and global partnership. However, none of these goals are possible without world peace and cooperation, based on international law and the institutions of the UN. We would like to propose an additional Peace Millennium Goal, which should be Millennium Goal Number 1 because without peace and justice, none of the other goals can be reached.

We invite people and groups around the world to discuss these ideas and draft their own Millennium Development Goal Number 1 for peace and justice.

Millennium Goal Number One: Build a foundation for world peace and justice

1. UN People’s Assembly

Reconstitute the UN to represent the peoples of the world (not just nation-states) through a Peoples Assembly of the UN, which would appoint half the members of the Security Council. Abolish the UN Security Council veto. Decisions by 2/3 majority. Formula for election to UN Peoples Assembly by 2010. Constitute the Assembly by 2015. Reconstitute the Security Council 2015.

2. UN Financial Independence

UN to achieve financial independence through series of taxation measures on global business, financial transactions, and extraction of earth’s natural resources. The UN should control and manage the global commons, including the high seas, Antarctica, the moon, outer space and any unclaimed areas on the earth and in the atmosphere. Financial plan by 2005, implemented by 2010, this independent source of income should account for not less than 50% of UN operation costs by 2015; entirely replace member state contributions and be sufficient to cover all UN costs by 2020.

3. UN Peacemakers

UN appointees to command all peace-keeping operations by armed forces of members states by 2005; UN commanded peacemakers should be present in any area where conflict has led to more than 100 deaths in a 6-month period, by 2010; UN to create its own organization of effective peacemakers to be dispatched to any country where violent conflict seems imminent, or already exists, in any area by 2020.

4. UN as Arbiter of Conflict

All UN member states adopt constitutions acknowledging the UN as the final arbiter in case of conflict by 2015. All other states should be encouraged to do the same.

5. Eliminate Weapons of Mass Destruction

Eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, timetable for doing so by 2010, UN verification completed by 2015.

6. Eliminate Standing Armies

Work for elimination of all standing armies, using the example of Costa Rica, with a timetable by 2010 and implementation completed by 2015.

7. UN should advocate and support Peace Education

Education for peace should be an important and required subject in all institutions of learning, at all levels of education, throughout the world.

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